The start of animegate

I actually think the real start of animegate is when another anime professional not only tears down the anime industry but also criticises a lot of its vices (some of it are near and dear to anime fans). That and other countries, including African ones, possibly surpassing and overshadowing Japan. Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hideaki Anno were already sounding the alarm. So did Kemono Friends’s producer.

Not to mention that the odd fact that American animation’s already quickly catching up on the things anime covered. I mean in due time, American animation might become one of the major adult animation hubs. When I mean by that, it’s not just stuff like Castlevania and Primal as well as arguably The Killing Joke and The Zone doing whatever anime studios did before (you know sex and ultra-violence).

But also that anime might not be around forever, let alone in its current form to the point where should another anime professional say anime might already be dying (and they’re not who you expected), I half expect anime fans to be upset by this. Never mind Miyazaki and Anno were already sounding the alarms before. Not to mention, I even expect prose fiction to be the new anime whether if anime fans like it or not.

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