The dark side of attraction

It’s not necessarily wrong to be attracted* to people of other ethnicities but if/when such sentiments are actually rooted in stereotypes which in turn are rooted in colonialism and/or slavery then it might have a dark side. Especially when you take enslaved Africans into consideration, it can make it easy to forget that these are people. Whilst some black people don’t mind being objectified, others object to it.

(Though they can objectify their own kind but the same can be said of anybody else really, albeit with accompanying problems just the same too.)

If they can accommodate you, they can also reject you as this happened to me twice. Rather than being embittered, I’ve come to think they also have awful feelings just like their white counterparts. Especially when hurt. But the same can be said of anybody else and should most black African men turn out to be not so well-endowed either, yet the attraction’s still there the feeling goes from masturbatory highs to something akin to a monogamous relationship.

You have sex with them yet you’re annoyed with them and wishing they’d change whilst trying to understand and care for them. That’s how painful it is and why they’re ultimately human just like everybody else.

*I’m guilty of giving into those stereotypes and impulses so.

2 thoughts on “The dark side of attraction

  1. I like this not because I agree with you, but because you are being honest. I’ve lived in ghettos (yes, I’m white), so I have been exposed to that lifestyle. I disagree with you on some points but agree with you on others. Still, your honesty is spot on.


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