The original battered man

I remember having a schoolteacher who joked about Joseph being raped. She thinks women can’t rape or abuse men never mind it happens anyways in real life. I even think Joseph, though not the original battered man, should be the best known example. He got abused by his brothers and then by somebody else’s wife.

And there are many more men turning out to be abused by women. There are white men who say how violent their Japanese ex-wives are. Princess Diana was even violent to Prince Charles. That men can get raped or sexually abused (heck hazing contains sexual and emotional abuse, proof that even athletes and cheerleaders do get bullied).

Something that should make more since in why Potiphar’s wife abused Joseph.

The nature of hazing

Since I know hazing (and if you will bullying) exists very often in cheerleading and sports and sexual abuse does exist in sports as well, that’s something Christians need to understand as well. If I’m not mistaken, there was a study stating that most footballers are underpaid and others are even abused. Racism and sexism happens in sports.

Cheerleader and jocks get bullied and desensitised to degrading activity whenever they’re hazed. And something that resembles temptation in the sense that abusers lurk anywhere. They could even be friends and others won’t notice. I even said that Satan’s like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. And since there are men who get abused by women, this is even recorded in the Bible.

And the thought of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl who hazes and humiliates people is something that should motivate Christians into taking hazing more seriously as with men getting abused by women.

The need to understand people

Whilst I think many Evangelicals think it’s how God planned things but when it comes to understanding the nature of vice they should put more effort in it. This includes an interest in therapy, psychology and medicine and historically speaking at least in Europe, there was and still is a proud tradition of monastic medicine with nuns and priests trained to handle diseases. There might be Christians in medicine, psychology and therapy.

But not enough to address other things more effectively, let alone in a way normal people understand. The need to understand people involves much more work and effort into knowing how and why they’re like that. People who idolise dogs (or any other beast a lot), if I’m not mistaken and from what I remember, are likelier to be socially isolated (or have an avoidant attachment) and this plays into old stereotypes of spinsters and their lapdogs.

(Keep in mind the idea of dogs as pure companionate animals wasn’t there yet, let alone universally and consistently accepted.)

Or people who tend to be condescending likely have really low self-esteems and overcompensate. Perfectionists having serious anger issues and so on. It’s going to be hard understanding people and the root causes of their vices but rewarding in knowing how and why such vices came to be.

Struggling to understand

That’s something that I do sometimes but something that’s required in medicine and therapy albeit with the demand to have better social skills in not talking down to people. That involves figuring out why people have those vices and it’s going to be hard getting understand this and why. But necessary in understanding why they do this and what can be done about it.

Christians might already be doing it but not in a way that’s needed to better understand the nature of vice. They could already be warned but I think the need to do a lot more research’s needed. If Bible study’s necessary, it should also be supplemented with secular sources agreeing on similar matters and have Christians talk about it in a way that doesn’t demean or condescend to people.

Something who’s condescending may be doing their best but become arrogant because they don’t feel comfortable dealing with other people, that they never bothered to put effort in understanding people’s the real vice. Understanding the problem and the root causes of it’s needed in therapy and medicine. Something that Christians do but need to put more effort.

Especially when it comes to dealing with people and why having an interest in medicine, therapy and human misbehaviour’s needed but also with the added duty to not talk down to others and show any real empathy and understanding of their plights and vices.

Christian Social Fallacy

I think there’s a recurring meme online about the Geek Social Fallacies but I’d like to present this one, especially when it comes to dealing with secular people. The biggest one’s to develop empathy and real compassion for what that person’s going through, especially when they screw up or something. I even struggled with that and tried my best.

I don’t think Christians make an earnest effort in empathising people, let alone discuss the issues they wanted to talk about but in a way a normal person would understand and that would involve co-opting secular language to make it understandable. Christians tried but not in a way that’s condescending or arrogant (I’m guilty of it at times but I know people who’re like this.)

And the weird thing about doing good’s that it’s really hard. Especially with you struggle when it comes to overcoming setbacks like trying to pay attention and do well in class because you’re ADHD. Even God/Jesus knows this, being really impatient when wronged and hurt to the point of becoming brutal and harsh and trying to be merciful to people. It’s that hard to do the right thing.

Something normal people know well but something Christians need to talk about without talking down to them as to win more followers this way.

Don’t talk down to sufferers

I suspect part of the reason why Christians have so much difficulty interacting with secular people’s to do with a superiority complex coupled with a near lack of empathy and understanding. Secular people do those things because they don’t know any better and there are studied attempts to understanding them more as well as the cause of vices. Christians might already being doing this but not enough to actually bother dealing with them.

Let alone in a way that doesn’t condescend to them. This involves dropping Christianese and actually empathising with them. Medical fields aren’t any better especially with rude nurses and doctors but I do get the impression of it demanding much higher standards of social skills to the point where doctors and nurse are expected to be this compassionate as to be put up with much more difficult people. Let alone bother to genuinely help them out.

That’s why people don’t like arrogant doctors and why there are attempts to address and understand such behaviours, both patient and medical staff. It’s not easy trying to do the right thing, especially if it’s going to be really hard anyways. A nurse would have a very hard time trying to keep calm whilst being put up with mean people and trying to accomplish a life-saving task. That’s a really hard tihng to do.

Even Jesus knows this and lost his temper at times too. But I also think that would mean that it’s easy to screw up but harder to get it right. Especially if you encounter setbacks you’d try really hard to overcome and that’s the real nature of vice and virtue. I still think Christians have a hard time talking about it to others without talking down to them but that would be realising they too have a hard time doing right.

And why acting high and mighty drives people away.

The problem with the prosperity gospel

The real reason why Christians like prosperity gospel is because Christians are lazy. Maybe even lazier than secular people but tha’ts because the latter don’t know any better whereas Christians should know better. Same reason why Christians are anti-intellectual, they don’t want to do a lot more work whether if it’s academic or practical work. Ironically they end up making secular people do the dirty work in understanding things they should know more like emotional labour (the very thing needed to know why God gets angry often) and expect God to do a lot of work for them.

Never mind he’s going to get tired and make people do chores. Something secular people are beginning to comprehend and why Christians don’t bother because they’d rather be lazy. They don’t like dealing with unemployment because that would mean figuring out ways of working and surviving. They hate effort. They also don’t like helping the mentally ill or lonely because that takes effort. Never mind that Jesus was poor, unemployed and tried his best to do what’s right for himself and others.

The real reason why the prosperity gospel’s bad’s because Christians would rather be lazy and let somebody do the dirty work rather that striving to work for themselves and others because that would mean having to figure out ways to keep themselves preoccupied or otherwise.