They got tempted to wear…those

Though it’s not technically and principally wrong to wear such outfits, there are times where somebody might be coerced to wear these not so much out of truly religious obligation but as a desire to control or manipulate them out of unhappiness and anxiety that leads the wearer to suffer a lot more. I even been through this when it came to at least a few controlling relatives (especially on my mother’s side) and they seemed to want me to wear worldly outfits.

(That makes my misguided anger at my granny making me wear such a dress seem reaonsable and I got the consequence or karma.)

Though it’s not wrong to be dressed by others, at other times it feels like being done against your will like hazing (I’ve been through something similar before and so do others). Sometimes it might be a much worse factor making somebody dress in a way that’s even condemned in the Bible and by others as a form of witchcraft even, I’m not making this up as to make others better understand this.

Immodesty itself’s not bad in and of itself but I think it’s best left conditional in the sense of cooling off and to do certain things like certain sports for instance. But at other times resist the urge to dress against your will and beliefs.

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