The abusers

Now I’m beginning to think false teachers might even refer to nuns and priests who abuse children as well as some Christians who even condone such abuse and Christians who condescend to others’ sufferings. Let alone bother to show a studied understanding for other people’s problems and vices. Like I think there could be a real empathy deficit in Christianity.

This can even extend to family members and why such abuse or at least vices goes on with some Christians even condoning it. I even think this lack of sensitivity might partly explain why some people leave the Church or at least doubt it. Not to mention the inability to understand why people have those vices and show empathy’s really jarring. As well as the possibility that the people they like more are just as sinful/problematic/fallible.

One could talk down to one person but be either ignorant of or even tolerate somebody else’s vice like it’s either a form of favouritism or real lack of empathy in the form of serious control issues. The relative who mocks somebody else probably got emotionally neglected as a child (their mother may’ve stonewalled them), got into bad influences and are even possibly depressed.

And the person who talks down to somebody else might also be either in the wrong or have some control issues that makes them go easy on abusers. That might also be true for the Catholic Church at large and why abusive behaviour was condoned for such a long time. It even has a number of otherwise vice-prone popes, most notably Rodrigo Borgia.

The fact that almost anything affiliated with the Catholic Church (as well as some churches in general) seems to be easily taken advantage of by abusers and people who never check in their behaviour like Magdalene laundries and the like is alarming. I could be speaking from experience but when a Christian schoolteacher laughs at Joseph being raped by somebody’s wife never mind that there are men who do get abused by women in reality (Princess Diana was even mean to Prince Charles) that it seems Christians really have an empathy deficit.

As well as a lack of awareness of the false teachers in their environments and the inability to know why abusiveness exists even when it’s needed to lessen or understand it more.

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