Dressing and dissing

I suspect whoever qualifies as a poseur is up to anybody’s guess but something that those really into music (especially the obscure ones) would know. I actually got called a poseur once for trying to get into punk rock and I even had my uncle seemingly defend me (which helps as he’s the right age to get into early punk rock like The Adverts with their song ‘Look into Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’).

Almost as if some of the more normal looking people are one of those really into such truly edgy music like Wayne/Jayne County and the Backstreet Boys/Electric Chairs (I’m not making this up, there’s a glam punk called that before) and New York Dolls. Admittedly I can’t remember what he actually said but it’s more in the lines of being an early adopter of sorts dissing newbies.

Conversely speaking, given YouTuber Kaya Lily sometimes not considered Goth despite dressing like it might it be parsimonious that normal people who listen to Top 40 but make their own clothes be closer to the platonic Goth or Punk ideal of making clothes by yourself. There are normal-looking people who listen to some Goth music.

Especially the more accessible 80s variety. They may not be that involved in the Goth scene much but that’s the funny thing about some people who listen to niche music a lot. They don’t look anything remarkable but do know that the likes of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Velvet Underground, Death and X-Ray Spex exist.

Not necessarily a matter of bad taste but I get the impression that some of my relatives were early adopters of sorts. Thus giving them a big advantage over youngsters whose idea of punk is that of Rancid.

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