Kind of different in hindsight

I think I remember a Guardian article where it says that British punk rock bands sounded more like Bay City Rollers than they do with their more extreme sounding American counterparts. That’s a generalisation but it seems the old fashioned punk sound and aesthetic had more in common with its immediately precursor glam rock. Most especially with people like Wayne/Jayne County, New York Dolls and David Bowie being more or less the missing link between glam and punk.

I think I remember somebody else on another website saying that punk’s like a direct evolution of glam rock. If that’s the case, it’s practically what another considered to be a reaction to the hippie’s lazy sleaze. This made sense as some of the earlier punk bands like Blondie, X-Ray Spex and Jayne County seemed very glam in comparison to what others come to expect punk rock as.

Conversely speaking, there are some glam rock bands and musicians that seem very punk rock enough to pass as later punkers. Especially New York Dolls and David Bowie. It seems the stereotypical punk rock look wouldn’t emerge until somewhat later. After all, punk rock scene’s very much an outgrowth of the earlier glam rock scene and fandom. It should make sense that they’d have a lot more in common.

Especially than they do with later hardcore punkers.

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