Why religion is unsettling

I suspect the other reason why secularism happened’s because religion’s rather frightening in the sense of dealing with invisible forces that don’t take sides with people at times. Sometimes causing them misfortune for misdeeds. The fact that God can be temperamental can be enough to induce fear in people. Not to mention it gets confusing for even the layperson and clergy alike whether if it’s him or something/somebody else.

Pets on the other hand give immediate, if superficial, certainty. Not that it’s bad but that they just feel safer and less demanding than somebody so invisible and demanding (at times) even though the latter can do wonders. But what I’m saying’s that secular fandom more or less happened at times from being overwhelmed by uncertain invisible forces that it just feels safer. Not necessarily any better or worse.

But something so faceless can cause a lot of uncertainty even in devout followers.

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