Childless women and dogs (Google Books)

Dog’s Best Friend: Will Judy, Founder of National Dog Week and Dog …

Lisa Begin-Kruysman – 2014 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Will Judy, Founder of National Dog Week and Dog World Publisher Lisa Begin-Kruysman … who owned dogs did have children and that many childless women with dogs would prefer to have their own children, but fate had prevented it.
Empire of Dogs: Canines, Japan, and the Making of the Modern …

Aaron Skabelund – 2011 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
On the right, cuddled against the woman’s neck, is another “child of the family,” a tan and white “Japanese” Shiba dog, who … As the number of childless women and couples has increased, so has the number ofdogs.62 Because of changes in …
Our Dogs, Our Selves: Dogs in Medieval and Early Modern Art, …

2016 – ‎Preview
Dogs in Medieval and Early Modern Art, Literature, and Society … with her little dog held protectively in the crook of her arm, looks much like another in a series of women holding symbolic and real infants. … she is akin to the childless women who feature so prominently and sympathetically at the heart of the romance genre.
First Friend: A History of Dogs and Humans – Page 96

Katharine Rogers – 2010 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
drawing-room pet dog” for its lack of the “true” dog’s instinct of pugnacity, charging with blatant untruth that every small dog … dogs except “lap dogs — those excuseless excuses for caninity which childless women overfeed and underexercise.
Childless: A Novel

James Dobson, ‎Kurt Bruner – 2013 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
This eagerly awaited follow-up vividly imagines what happens when the abiding joys of parenthood are exchanged for the gradual deterioration of a CHILDLESS world.
The truth about dogs – Page 97

Leon Fradley Whitney – 1959 – ‎Snippet view
In New Haven there was one woman, a director of the Society, who kept many dogs herself and permitted them all to run … I have frequently found the childless women unwilling to have vicious dogs destroyed when their husbands advised it.
Don’t call a man a dog – Page 86

Will Judy – 1949 – ‎Snippet view
There is the old mossback complaint: “Them wim- men oughter have kids insted of dogs.” Women do not have dogs because they do not have children. Most women who have dogs have children. Most childless women having dogs, would …

Susan McHugh – 2004 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
women’s’ toys as ‘instruments of folly for them to play and dally withal, to tryfle away the treasure of time, to withdraw their … the primary targets of this sort of abuse remain the childless and / or postmenopausal women singled out by Fleming.
DOG LOVE – Page 124

Marjorie Garber – 1997 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
He describes the overbreeding of dogs “like the Pekinese and the pug, with which childless women express their need for love and affection. It is, of course, a sad side effect that these poor dogs are also usually overfed and made neurotic.
Otherhood: Modern Women Finding A New Kind of Happiness

Melanie Notkin – 2014 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
In Otherhood, author Melanie Notkin reveals her own story as well as the honest, poignant, humorous, and occasionally heartbreaking stories of women in her generation—women who expected love, marriage, and parenthood, but instead found …

First nations, first dogs: Canadian aboriginal ethnocynology – Page 180

Bryan David Cummins – 2002 – ‎Snippet view
Dogs would be able to pursue on the snow, running ahead of the quarry, leaping at its nose, trying to either corner it or … Most often these were Tahltan Bear Dogs or smaller animals kept by childless women or mothers whose children had …
Toy Dogs and Their Ancestors: Including the History and Management …

Lady Wentworth – 1911 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
The understanding between a child and its first dog cannot be appreciated by one who has never had a dog in his childhood. A dog … It has been stated that only childless women and dis- appointed spinsters care for dogs. It is true that those …
Childfree and Loving It

Nicki Defago – 2005 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Childfree and Loving It! is a broad and definitive exploration of non-parenthood, challenging the myths of parenthood and boldly proclaiming the joys of a childfree life. ‘The responsibility of parenthood is overwhelming and incredibly …
The dog: an historical, psychological and personality study – Page 164

Joseph Perlson – 1968 – ‎Snippet view
In sexually hyperesthetic women the sexual feeling has been produced by casual contact with pet dogs, and Kraft- Ebing has … In most cases of this affection there is certainly no sexual element; in the case of childless women, it may rather be …
The Journal of Japanese Studies – Volume 7 – Page 275

1981 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
The breast was given to children six or seven years of age, and sometimes to the children of other women as well. There were, of course, … She told me how she used to nurse her dog and massage her breasts to make milk for him. She opened her dress … Indeed, the nipple is very long and dark, in contrast to the usual girlish and delicate nipples of the other childless women here. She went on. This dog …
Isle of Dogs

Patricia Cornwell – 2002 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Women and children hid inside their homes, and Blackbeard began to suppose that Tangier was an island of men only. … Blackbeard thundered to a clever but untruthful islander named Job Wheeler, a childless widower who, as the story …
Between the Species: Readings in Human-animal Relations – Page 56

Arnold Arluke – 2009 – ‎Snippet view
Although there were a few exceptions among women, men were more likely to cite joint activities with their dogs as valuable. Of course, women did … But childless women were not the only ones to describe dogs as children. Both the women …
The Price of Prosperity: Why Rich Nations Fail and How to Renew Them

Todd G. Buchholz – 2016 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
No one in America ever recorded a song called “Where Have All the Dogs and Cats Gone? … Still, 17 percent of white American women are childless, almost as many as in the 1980s, compared with 15 percent for black women, 13 percent for …
North Dakota Outdoors – Volumes 8-10

1945 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
Everyone says that Germany has one to the dogs, most people say that he world has gone to the dogs, all old eople say that … The famatical dog lover is almost always a childless woman who has displaced her motherly affection that should …
Childless by Marriage

Sue Fagalde Lick – 2012 – ‎No preview
“This is the story of how a woman becomes childless by marriage and how it affects every aspect of her life .

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