Conservative in darkness

Or the odd thing I learnt about Batman even if the franchise certainly changed at the time of this writing. Conservatism seems to be upholding the status quo but the way it’s practised varies from individual to individual (as well as school of thought) and there are likely some conservatives who’re wary of misogyny, classism and racism (they’re even called compassionate conservatives).

Rather logically, I do know of a liberal who’s pro-gun and hunts. But that’s being off-topic. Chuck Dixon’s probably some of the better known conservative writers in superhero comics. He even wrote much of the Batman magazines during the 1990s and when it came to a character like Batman, it’s not hard to see the appeal. That may’ve been the same for Carl Barks towards Scoorge McDuck.

Save for that Barks was into environmentalism and possibly classism to some extent (he’s also a self-proclaimed Republican). It would be parsimonious to suggest that the likes of Dixon and Frank Miller to some extent are stereotypical conservatives especially in glorifying the status quo.

Not that there aren’t any conservative writers who haven’t worked on Superman but currently the idea of a plutocratic villain like Lex Luthor intimidates them. Though not always exactly the case (compassionate conservatives exist), it’s not hard to see that Batman seems like a stereotypical right wing power fantasy, whilst Superman’s actually shown to have fought the KKK in one radio recording.

Again not always exactly or consistently the case but it seems Grant Morrison’s right in a way when it comes to Dixon’s politics meshing well with Batman and stereotypes about conservatives. (Save for the gun part.)

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