Don’t overdo it

Perfectionism isn’t just the act of trying too hard but also overdoing it especially if it seems or is intended to be good. A good number of perfectionists crave some form of escapism whether if it’s actual substances being involved (arguably including alcohol), constantly trying to be happy all the time (sometimes as an overcompensation for anger management problems), pornography and the like. Often to escape whatever problems they actually have so they resort to repression.

It’s a constant high in that they have to keep up with it and want more of it even if it can backfire (it happened to me in a way and I still have flaws). Keep in mind there are already ways they can handle unwanted feelings without being too open and that’s through creative therapies. I suspect why these ‘addictions’ exist has to do with their upbringing like say being too emotional’s frowned up and likely living with overbearing, depressing conditions that they need a drug to ease the pain.

But they get too addicted to the drug until they want to snap it either at will (myself at various points) or with others’ help. Whatever you want to do, don’t overdo it.

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