The future of webcomics

Somebody at Webcomic Overlook put his own opinion on the future of webcomics, one of them being adapted for other media which certainly exists to some extent. Cyanide and Happiness and We Bear Bears have been adapted for animation. Similar things can be said of their Korean counterparts. If I were to admit my opinion, I think there’ll come a time when DC and Marvel happily get rid of their print divisions and go for webcomics for good.

They’ve published webcomics before and do offer online subscriptions but when they do publish webcomics for good, full-time that’s when it’s going to be a big industry change. Some print comics have become webcomics such as Pugad Baboy. Many newspapers also offer their comics to be read online for free. There’s always GoComics for those too. Another innovation might be finding new ways of advertising.

This may’ve already happened before but once DC and Marvel prioritise webcomics, there’s a chance that a role reversal occurs between comics and filmed productions with the latter now acting as R&D as well as glorified adverts for the former. DC and Marvel can easily do that. It’s not that there weren’t any sponsored webcomics before. But may become the norm should webcomics themselves go mainstream too.

The last development might be having to replace a massive void and that’s print Japanese comics and anime. There already are Japanese webcomics, most notably Hetalia and One Punch Man which have spawned mass media franchises. What’ll be new here’s that webcomics are now the norm.

Not to mention with rising economies prioritising their own ACG industries, even if Japanese anime’s not entirely gone it’s facing competition if Korean ACG’s any indication. These’ll occur in the future for better or worse.

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