The need for representation

Comes to think of it, that post made me realise why representation matters. If a story that they like lacks something to counteract its perceived flaws/faults, it’s enough to make people give up on it in search of alternatives. It needn’t to be about black characters (though it’s part of it) for as long as a perceived void has to be filled in, sometimes by closest alternatives.

As for Tigra, she’s sometimes rightfully depicted as either having genuine tiger markings or overall feline featuresactual fur or paws as she’s supposed to be feline. The big problem is not only does it clash with their expectations of her but that it risks being too uncanny even if it’s needed to desexualise her (as much as they can do about it).

But the other problem’s that she’s one of the few unabashedly hairy women in superhero comics and since she’s part tiger she ought to be rightfully so. It could be that I’m hairy myself and Tigra’s one of the closest things to it (which she’s sometimes rightfully depicted even if the context makes her unlucky at times).

It still matters that when it comes to body positivity, if Tigra’s any indication it’s about time hairy women need to be represented too.

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