Something to admit

Or rather something I already knew all along. Something like Ariana Grande being actually sintonado or bad at singing like where she tries to reach higher notes and sounds awful when she does that (though to be fair, some of my favourite musicians aren’t any better either). Or that Lady Gaga might be an average singer, given there are likely far better musicians than them but don’t get much anglophone credit. (Somebody in France might find Mylene Farmer overrrated.)

I’m not any better in my music tastes but I swear even Sarah Geronimo sounds much better than Ariana Grande and Pilita Corrales’s better than Lady Gaga. (Karen Carpenter also played piano so there’s that.) Not that Prince’s a much better singer but he and Carpenter are proof that pop stars publicly playing their own instruments aren’t anything new and so are those that sing well before Grande and Gaga showed up.

Not to mention others are way better than Grande and Gaga would ever be.

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