Not that Tim lacks a personality

Like I said in another post, it’s not that Tim Drake lacks a personality. He does but contrary to his fans and respective author(s) he’s actually more sexual, aloof and temperamental than they expect him to be. (Jotaro Kujo by contrast is aloof but helpful and merciful.) In the same manner, Kitty Pryde’s rather temperamental and gullible to boot. It’s not so much that Jotaro’s any more well-adjusted either (or at least not without unlikable flaws like aloofness).

But being that unfond of Kitty and Tim makes it easier to see their flaws. The same can be said of anything or anybody else even if the critics sometimes aren’t always that hateful. It’s like knowing that person might be maladjusted because they tend to be independent out of distrust (bad experiences, overly scolding/demanding peers, neglect, bullying/abuse) and tend to stonewall you for wanting to know them more (or that they don’t remember things when asked).

Basta, it takes more indifference (or suspicion) to nitpick flaws more easily though keep in mind those making the criticisms aren’t always that hateful either.

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