Guazzo’s hounds (Google Books)

Cultural Expressions of Evil and Wickedness: Wrath, Sex, Crime

Terrie Waddell – 2003 – ‎Preview
In 1 608 Francesco Guazzo described how a witch, after changing … Such convictions naturally demeaned pagan traditions where goddess like Diana and Circe were endowed with the power to change men into dogs and swine. The Malleus …
Compendium Maleficarum: The Montague Summers Edition – Page 28

Francesco Maria Guazzo – 2012 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
The Montague Summers Edition Francesco Maria Guazzo … when there appeared two dogs equal in size to that stone; and from no perceptible hole there sprang, these same dogs, which were of the kind called harriers, but fierce-looking, …
Evil Incarnate: Rumors of Demonic Conspiracy and Satanic Abuse in …

David Frankfurter – 2008 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Heretics eat babies, witches eat babies and penises, Jews drink children’s blood, Satanists abort and eat fetuses. … mixing it with honey and pepper and some other spices and sweet oils so as not to become nauseous, all the members of that herd of swine and dogs gather together and each partakes with his finger … Woodcut from Francesco Guazzo, Compendium 147 IMPUTATIONS OF PERVERSION.
Syphilis, Puritanism and Witch Hunts: Historical Explanations in the …

Stanislav Andreski – 1990 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Historical Explanations in the Light of Medicine and Psychoanalysis with a Forecast about Aids Stanislav Andreski. 27. When the … Some have great pain in their heart and kidneys, and it seems as if those organs were being torn by dogs. 42. … The Signs which Show a Man to be Simply Bewitched Francesco Guazzo 115.
The History of Witchcraft and Demonology – Page 81

Montague Summers – 2014 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
… of the most authoritative of the older writers upon Witchcraft, Francesco-Maria Guazzo, a member of the Congregation … there than the Devil came to her in the form of a dog, with two great horns sticking up: and with one of his paws (which …
The Illustrated Cat – Page 24

Howard Loxton, ‎Tom Howard – 1994 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
ABOVE A woodcut from Francesco Guazzo’s Compendium Maleficarum of 1608 shows witches in the shapes of a rat, cat … of Darkness of 1688 shows the alleged witch Ann Bodenham conjuring evil spirits in the form of imps, a dog and a cat.
Demonolatry – Volume 2 – Page 28

Francesco Maria Guazzo, ‎Nicolas Remi – 1929 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
Francesco Maria Guazzo, Nicolas Remi … CHAPTER X Whether Witches Can by their Art Create any Living Thing. … dogs equal in size to that stone; and from no perceptible hole there sprang these same dogs, which were of the kind called …
Medieval Civilization in Western Europe – Page 98

Vivian Hubert Howard Green – 1971 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
Sorcery involved the practice of witchcraft, though systematic witchcraft was itself essentially a creation of the late Middle Ages.1 … delusions and heightened the imagination.2 Stark-naked, the witches mounted their beasts, horses, goats, rams, dogs, broomsticks, and … Francesco Guazzo wrote in 1608, ‘are agreed and it has been the experience of all times and all nations, that witches practice coition …
Compendium Maleficarum

Francesco Maria Guazzo, ‎Montague Summers – 2004 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Were witches real in the Middle Ages? This handbook on witchcraft, first published in 1628, claims to expose the entire practice and profession of witchcraft.
Witches in Fact and Fantasy – Page 56

Lauran Paine – 1972 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
she was a witch because she had performed “. . . whatsoever belongeth therunto, and in great solemnity; thou hast renounced God at three several … Francesco Maria Guazzo, in his 1626 edition of the Compendium Maleficarum noted that when “these members of the devil have met together, they … shape, as of a goat or a dog; and they approach him to adore him, but not always in the same manner.

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The witches Salem, 1692

Stacy Schiff – 2015 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Analyzes the Salem Witch Trials to offer key insights into the role of women in its events while explaining how its tragedies became possible.
Caliban and the Witch – Page 194

Silvia Federici – 2004 – ‎Preview
These were cats,dogs,hares,frogs,that the witch cared for,presumably suckling them from special teats. … that were banned as“non-productive”:homosexuality,sex between young and old,34 sex between people of different classes, anal coitus, …
Godly Zeal and Furious Rage (RLE Witchcraft): The Witch in Early …

Geoffrey Robert Quaife – 2012 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
To Muchembled the witch hunt was a product of the general assault on popular culture by this revitalised and ethically … south German on sex, the French on diabolic possession, the English on familiars (pet cats and dogs) and those of Friuli …
Routledge Companion to Women, Sex, and Gender in the Early British …

Kimberly Anne Coles, ‎Eve Keller – 2018 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
The women feed him with milk and bread, and he sleeps in a basket, thus behaving like most household dogs or cats. Except when he demands blood, which he sucks from pricked places on the witch’s hand or face. In his conversation with …
Supernatural and Secular Power in Early Modern England – Page 210

Marcus Harmes, ‎Victoria Bladen – 2016 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
In pamphlet examples of sexualized practices between witches and devils, devils take two main forms. The first is what we would typically think of as the witch’s familiar – that is, a small domestic or common animal such as a rat, cat, dog, bird, …
Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive

Kristen J. Sollée – 2017 – ‎No preview – ‎More editions
Exposing how “witch” and “slut” are used to police female sexuality, the author rehabilitates these sex positive archetypes.
Animals and Society: An Introduction to Human-Animal Studies

Margo DeMello – 2012 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Goats are typically gendered male, and often are said to represent uncontrolled male sexuality. Medieval European depictions of the goat represented it as the devil, and goats were thought to be witches’ familiars, and to have sex with witches …
The Witch of Wapping: Or an Exact and Perfect Relation, of the Life …

1939 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children: A Modern-Day Retelling …

Keith McGowan – 2009 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
When Sol and Connie Blink move to Grand Creek, one of the first people to welcome them is an odd older woman, Fay Holaderry, and her friendly dog, Swift, who carries a very strange bone in his mouth.
Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, Volume 6: The Twentieth Century

Willem de Blecourt, ‎Ronald Hutton, ‎Jean La Fontaine – 1999 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
the witch (G 242.7. g; the Dutch language version is more expressive as it has the protagonists travel over and through hedges). … men and women tell stories about witches and sorcerers and in the process make very negative remarks about people of their own sex. … to make little devils appear as well as phantom animals, dogs, soldiers, pigeons and black mice, to make the pottery in the cupboard …

Shadow of Night: A Novel

Deborah Harkness – 2012 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
From the Trade Paperback edition.
Witch Fire

Anya Bast – 2007 – ‎No preview – ‎More editions
When Jack McAllister, the head of security for The Coven, a national organization that governs witches, is assigned to watch over Mira Hoskins, who is unaware of her abilities, and protect her from a group of renegade witches, his …
A Brief History of Witchcraft

Lois Martin – 2010 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
The Devil was believed to inhabit the realm of air and, as a result, the scholastics believed that he and his demons had the ability … When witches believed they flew or people complained that they had been magically transformed into animals, …
Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magical …

Judika Illes – 2015 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
In addition to serving as witches’ familiars, black dogs may be transformed witches or witch goddesses. Nicholas Remy, the merciless witchtrial judge from Lorraine, alleged that women transformed into rabid dogs and wolves. In witchcrazed Europe, dogs … Their associations with sex, magic and dangerous, unpredictable deities already lead many to be ambivalent toward them. The donkey was among …
Witchcraft in the ancient world and the Middle Ages – Page 306

Brian P. Levack – 1992 – ‎Snippet view
The witches bring children to be sacrificed, or else they bring the bodies of children they have already murdered. … Following the meal, the torches are extinguished or the candela- bras overturned (often by a black dog or cat), and the sexual …
Magic and witchcraft – Page 76

Susan Greenwood – 2007 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
THE WORLD OF FAIRIES Fairies and Witches It is often difficult to make distinctions beween fairies and witches, and … The first was as a supernatural fairy-like creature of cither sex who accompanied witches on their night-time excursions, and the second … These witches had the habit of transforming themselves into dogs, cats and other animals, before going out to kill boys and commit other misdeeds.
Know Thy Enemy – Page 69

Donna Andes – 2003 – ‎Preview
Weeks prior to Halloween, Witches, Satanists, have been known to kidnap children, dogs, cats and other animals for their satanic worship. During their ceremony on this unholy night, they will drink, dance, cast spells and curses, conjure up …
Articles on Witchcraft, Magic, and Demonology /: Witchcraft in the …

Brian P. Levack – 1992 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
The witches bring children to be sacrificed, or else they bring the bodies of children they have already murdered. … Following the meal, the torches are extinguished or the candela- bras overturned (often by a black dog or cat), and the sexual …
Sex, Society, and History – Page 81

Vern L. Bullough – 1976 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
The 13th-century pseudo-Apostles led by Gerard Segarelli and Colcino of Novaro taught that holy poverty was the only … unusual since in later charges of witchcraft the typical transformation is from humans into animals such as a cat, dog, …
The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead – Page 457

J Gordon Melton – 2010 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
A statue of her sur- vived and has been placed in the National Museum in Mexico City. … The most common animal into which the witches transformed themselves was a turkey, but animals as var- ied as fleas, cats, dogs, and buzzards were …

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