She did it…and they got mad

Like I said, I’m often of the opinion (or warning) that should Caitlin Snow ever be turned into a werewolf, she’d use dogs and wolves to cause harm to others and the rest of Team Flash would do anything to defeat her. But some viewers might start thinking that the Flash staff hates dogs never mind that some of them own dogs themselves. Some like Retrieverman would go ranting a lot about it despite contrary evidence. (Just like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.)

JJBA’s pretty much why turning Flash’s Caitlin Snow into an evil werewolf’s so disastrous. It wouldn’t matter if they own dogs or not. But what matters is the cognitive dissonance that’s bothering and angering people. It might be a plot device and storyline but one that offends people a lot and enough to ruin reputation. I have a weird feeling that should the Flash ever push that storyline, it’ll endure criticism from pet owners.

Despite otherwise.

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