Marrying Up

Though there are some reports that suggest marrying up for men’s increasingly and recently at that, it may’ve been the case before for both struggling aristocratic families and rising plutocrat/financial ones. That’s even the case in Florence before where if I remember precisely, some sons from banking families marry aristocratic women to improve their social standing especially when dowry and favours came in handy. Whether deliberately, compromised or pressured to do so.

Or in Marquis de Sade’s case, he’s from a struggling aristocratic family that got tied to a recently ennobled one for financial security. There might be more men marrying up than one or even they realise. Especially if such women are perceived to be higher in socioeconomic status that she becomes something of a prize to be attained by such men. Some black men do it for the same reasons their female counterparts do.

Sometimes unconsciously so and let’s face it, a wealthy aristocratic woman’s much as a status symbol as an attractive one and sometimes even moreso when it came to dowry. It can still be classist and racist but also a matter of admittedly realising it. Though that involves a greater deal of introspection and honesty.

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