Role reversal on its way

Considering that streaming television’s becoming common practise, albeit one that goes with payment and subscriptions there might come a time when comics and the like might return to being the cheaper, more affordable versions like they were at some point. Heck, any media conglomerate could easily popularise free webnovels and webcomics, which changes the nature of things.

Webcomics and the like are free, thus more people are exposed to these than the more expensive filmed and animated productions. Such productions now serve as glorified adverts for these products. Though not always exactly the case, this is especially so for video game adaptations like Castlevania and Assassin’s Creed.

The last one even got a filmed adaptation though given Castlevania’s apparent success, AC’s next. Animated and live action adaptations of video games aren’t anything new and so is their purpose as adverts. This might become the norm not only for video game adaptations but for other media adaptations.

Once free online books and comics have become the new norm for publishers that filmed productions (and print editions) exist as adverts for such products.

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