The greater evil

Like I said, turning Caitlin Snow into an intersex werewolf’s going to be worse than making Iris West black. First, allegations of plagiarism on Rahne Sinclair’s behalf and she even predated her when it came to appearing on telly (situation’s reversed in comics). Second, allegations that Flash staff hates dogs because Caitlin uses them to attack people and then get attacked themselves never mind that two of them own dogs (JJBA but I think Hirohiko Araki could get cranky as I admit obsessing over dead dogs when pissed).

Third, allegations of transphobia if because she’s got the same namesake as Caitlyn Jenner even though Caitlin’s actually intersex (and severe partial androgen insensitivity to boot before being used with a wolf). Fourth, it reveals the problem with CW staff taking too much liberties with the source material. This isn’t unique to the CW itself as it’s found in other franchises like X-Men to varying degrees. Except this comes off as ridiculously shameless.

That the Flash ends up being constantly compared to X-Men and JJBA’s saying. Especially in how much of a PR disaster it’s become.

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