Television and comics

Like I said elsewhere, there’ll be a profound role reversal between comics and television/film once webcomics get prioritised. So is streaming which you need a paid subscription to do these. Actually DC and Marvel already offer paid subscriptions for their comics and either one of them publish webcomics. But I suspect should webcomics ever get popularised at all, it’ll lead to a near role reversal.

In that webcomics are for free but publishers need to find ways of making money. Not just through adverts but also sponsorship and deals with other corporations. That’s already happening to print franchises but may become the norm for webcomics. Not only that, adaptations would act as adverts for webcomics (and free online novels and books when you think about it).

The possibilities are endless from documentaries to promote books and comics to deals with clothing companies (that already happened many times over) and the like. The only real difference’s that people actually read comics for free from official websites. Something that gets easily accessed to through portable devices.

All’s possible in the near future should it happen at all.

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