Fastest PR Disaster Around

Turning Caitlin Snow into a werewolf’s going to be disastrous for two reasons. One, some X-Men fans would assume the entire storyline’s ripped off from Marvel’s own Rahne Sinclair (though arguably DC already had one in House of Mystery in 1951). Two, some would think the Flash staff hates dogs because not only does Caitlin make dogs attack people but they themselves get attacked and even killed.

Never mind two Flash actors own dogs themselves and so does Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures’ author. Except in the former it’s about having to take down a baddie which’s necessary within the canon/plot, the latter likely’s cranky (I used to obsess over dead dogs when upset). Even JJBA got flack from not only some of its fans but also PETA for killing dogs a lot.

That’s exactly the same situation Flash would face should the werewolf Caitlin ever come around, she’d end up manipulating dogs to kill people as she’s been abused herself only to find themselves abused or killed for causing harm. Caitlin’s going to be a big disaster should it ever occur at all.

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