European hunters and stray dogs

Though my own knowledge of America can be limited compared to what goes on in Europe (albeit not for reasons one thinks it is) I get the impression that at least in some continental European countries, even hunters find dogs and especially stray dogs annoying/suspicious. But not just because they’re abandoned but that they intrude on their livelihoods especially when hunting for game. Canine predation on wildlife‘s also noted in Europe.

They could even get shot, though I could be overestimating it. It might still vary between countries and even regions though I get the impression that whenever dogs do stray there, it often takes place in forests or farmlands worsened by ineffective leashes and fences (bad ownership) as well as being in close proximity especially in the countryside (ecological and economic).

That’s not to say farmers and hunters there don’t have dogs (or cats) themselves either and I’d even argue not all of them hate dogs as much as some could be simply somewhat cautious around them (and cats too).

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