You can’t make her too strong

I suspect that might explain the difficulties of making Wonder Woman appealing to men, or rather most men given her own author William Marston’s very much into female domination and empowerment at the same time. I suspect the idea of a domineering female character that’s portrayed positively along with a male love interest and a substantial number of female villains seems too alien for some.

I mean it makes sense when you take criticisms of Wonder Woman into consideration. Whilst the dominatrix’s there with her, what makes her stand out from let’s say Catwoman is that Wonder Woman’s intended to be a heroine and not just some misguided broad who’s interested in Batman. Plus Steve Trevor’s created to be her love interest’s enough to emasculate men.

That actually puts her a level above Supergirl in the sense that while they’re not entirely feminist, Wonder Woman never had much of a male predecessor and barely has a consistent male counterpart too. Harvey’s Black Cat’s got a male sidekick but she’s not that well-remembered. The idea of a female superhero having a male co-partner’s not unheard of.

But the only idea I can think of where it’s done consistently is in Miraculous Ladybug. The one with the male ‘Black Cat’ and many of the characters are teenagers. Not adults because if Wonder Woman’s any indication, that’ll be emasculating. Again we go back to the real problem with Wonder Woman’s that she’s not derivative of any male character and not extensively tied to one either.

She’s also not young (Supergirl and Batgirl are often consistently younger than Superman and Batman, be it adolescence or early adulthood) and actually supposed to be a role model and heroine the way Catwoman’s not supposed to be. I don’t even read comics and I figured out what’s so bothersome about Wonder Woman.

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