This make sense in light of trade

There’s a report which I recall about Ancient Egyptians having Anatolian/Armenian DNA, which implies some Anatolian traders and immigrants may’ve settled and married into the local population. (There are cases of semi-arranged marriages where one can marry at will for as long as there’s either permission or having favours being done.) With that comes dogs if Indo-Europeans are believed to come from Central Asia (and Anatolia) and so are dogs.

I could be getting things wrong chronologically speaking. But it’s not hard to consider this. Dogs have been proven to have an Eastern ancestry and there are a lot more mongrel and stray dogs in Asia than in Europe (barring Africa). Genetic diversity’s been reported in Africa, though it could’ve been divergence* (same goes for cats) one might wonder if the real problem with solving the history of dog domestication’s got more to do being too used to pedigree dogs.

One must take geography into serious consideration. Egypt and Kenya are close to the Middle East proper, inevitably facilitating trade and some diasporas. If dogs are believed to come from Asia (both Near and Far East), inevitably very early into Egypt’s history some dogs would’ve entered there and then diverged from their Asian ancestors. Makes sense if they would’ve come over there from the Arabian peninsula.

For cats, if cat ownership ever existed in antiquity, prior to Rome and India, it would’ve been primarily African. (Cats may’ve been domesticated/tamed in Cyprus.) Not just with Ancient Egyptians proper but also demographics said to come from Egypt like Ashanti and Cameroonian Bamileke.

The latter own cats for utilitarian purposes as well as associating leopards with royalty and the former for also being fascinated with felines in general (including lions) and the word for cat doubling as soul, nomadic Tuareg and hunter gatherer Baka Pygmy (read primitive).

This may not always be the case for both cats and dogs to whatever degree given it depends on community, country (Cameroon has more cat owners than Nigeria does) and individuals. But it does make sense for cats to be of African descent as dogs are of Asian descent.

*If wild cats may’ve been incorporated repeatedly into domestic cat DNA, the same can be said of domestic dogs since they’re noted to mate with wolves and in some cases by the Japanese, deliberately so and may even be indistinguishable from wolves.

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