Frightening instead of cute

There are probably already anime that turn moe cliches on its head like Flowers of Evil, I think the relatively easiest to turn moe cliches on their heads are kemonomimi and the deres (kuudere, dandere, tsundere, yandere). The deres, if they ever well-existed, would ironically come off as pathological as well as annoying to those close to them. Especially if you’ve either been abused by them in some manner, are interested in dysfunctional relationships and minds or have had experience treating such characters.

Yanderes, for instance, could be branded as narcissists because they seem charismatic at first yet they treat those they’re very close to (partners and children) real badly. As for tsunderes, given their penchant for being off-putting and grumpy at first the closest real life equivalents to them are those who are ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and sometimes depression. All three aren’t entirely clear cut and thus aren’t properly analogous to it.

Danderes could be suffering from anxiety in the sense of being in social situations but also fearful except that it doesn’t come off as adorable but painful both to the sufferer (the dandere itself) and people close to it. (It could be me knowing it.) The less is said about kuuderes the better but because I don’t know them well. Kemonomimis are the visually easiest to make them look frighteningly instead of cute.

Especially if you draw Killing Bites characters in a more hyper-realistic manner so any semblance of anime cuteness’s lost as it’s replaced by confusion and uncanny valley horror. Moreso if thick fur gets replaced by mere human body hair but with animal patterns. As for anime traps, though it’s apparently related to BDSM sissification, it can also be offensive to transgender people if done in live action.

A lose-lose situation if you will. Basta, transferring anime aesthetics onto live action or realism can become creepy or weird instead of cute.

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