What’s my (hair)line?

I think if Flash writers and producers ever turned Caitlin Snow into an intersex werewolf, it would be exponentially worse than making Iris West black. Caitlin might be intersex before turning into a werewolf but adding lycanthropy to her condition makes people think she’s transgendered. Even if it’s not exactly the case but not when you bring up Caitlyn Jenner.

Then it’ll invite accusations of plagiarism. Even if DC beat Marvel in having a female werewolf in House of Mystery, it’s Marvel that’s got a recurring one named Rahne Sinclair. She even beat Killer Frost to having telly appearances (as early as the 1990s) and was going to appear in a movie. Having Caitlin become a werewolf makes people think she’s ripping off Rahne.

(That’s extremely depressing if it happens.)

If these happen at all, it’ll ruin Caitlin far more than racebending Iris West ever would do.

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