Epiphany about Barry Allen

I think I had an epiphany about Barry Allen before about how much of a crypto-Italian he is, moreso if some cartoonists who worked on his stories, most notably Carmine Infantino, are either of Italian descent or are Italians themselves. One of the people co-producing the programme, Greg Berlanti, is Italian American. Barry Allen does have stereotypical Italian traits.

He often comes late, has strong feelings for his mum to the point of avenging her ordeal, has a patron saint in Jay Garrick (since most Italians are Roman Catholic) and the Dante references. Italians love Dante Alighieri a lot. They’re even required to study his works in school. There’s even a character named Dante whose brother is Francisco, paralleling that Dante Alighieri’s brother’s called Francesco.

Comes to think of it, Devil May Cry’s Dante Sparda’s also something of a crypto-Italian. He’s promiscuous, likes pizza and resembles Dante Alighieri. All three of them not only lost their mums but also lost their relatives to murder. Dante Alighieri lost his cousin to murder the same way Dante Sparda and Barry Allen lost their mums to. That and strangely incestuous undertones.

Not that it’s wrong to marry somebody resembling your relative in some way but that those undertones are accidental in some manner (maybe save for DMC but who knows). Iris West’s commonly thought to be Barry’s stepsister of sorts on telly and went on marrying her, Dante Alighieri had a crush on Beatrice Portinari and his own daughter became Sister Beatrice and Trish was created to resemble Dante Sparda’s late mum Eva.

Apparently the similarities and coincidences write so much as to be believed in a way their own respective fans would never realise.

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