The ghost of Tsutomu Miyazaki

Like I said, whether if anime’s paedophiliac or not is up to anybody’s guess but we shouldn’t forget that Japan’s a highly collectivist society and moreso in the recent past so far when people were not only expected to follow their community but also their parents’ wishes and recommendations in marrying their partners. Between the 30s and 50s, arranged marriage accounted for 70% of Japanese marriages.

This means a good number of mangaka that are still around today have had relatives who’re married this way. Let’s not forget that Japanese anime, especially in the 1930s were highly derivative of American animation. Osamu Tezuka and his cohorts were heavily influenced by American animation so there’s that. (That’s what Hiroki Azuma meant by ‘American animalisation’ in relation to American consumerism in Japan.)

Even before T Miyazaki horrified the Japanese public, there were already paedophiliac undertones in Japanese comics and anime. Japan outlawed child porn a few years ago and Nobuhiro Watsuki (Samurai X) recently got arrested for child porn. As if paedophilia’s actually a much more prevalent issue and theme in anime than one realises.

4 thoughts on “The ghost of Tsutomu Miyazaki

    1. I think I already know did to some extent and let’s not forget the issue of child porn in anime’s much more prevalent especially with the likes of Aki Uchiyama portraying sexualised underage children in his manga.


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