Limits on self-expression

There’s a reason why I think it’s oftentimes very impossible to reconcile self-expression with religious devotion. Especially when it comes to blasphemy that you accidentally risk offending everybody else. Even if it’s not intentional, you could learn to be more careful with it.

There were people who got really angry at one Monty Python film called The Life of Brian as well as the Danish Muhammad cartoon, which meant that Christianity and Islam are still very near and dear to many people. The Evangelical subculture’s a rising demographic. Albeit one with substantial enough economic power not to be messed with at times.

One can critcise religion but only to a certain point where if you go too far (same with taking too many liberties) you risk offending everybody. To put it this way, self-expression’s fire and religion’s water.

The former can brighten people’s lives but once it’s used to justify more dubious ones like what appears to be pornography, some get hurt and irritated by it. The latter can be dangerous but it can also be regulated more easily.

The latter coexists with other aspects of society (like government and politics) more easily than creativity does. Religion’s not any better but overall has more importance and use than self-expression does.

4 thoughts on “Limits on self-expression

  1. Why do you think religion has more importance than self expression?

    And, if religion is not a rooted in true self expression, does that make religion a bit like imitation leather rather than the real deal?


    1. In the sense that religion strongly informs government, politics and even the arts themselves. If it’s a Christian society, it’s going to reflect Christian values and sensibilities. (Same goes if it were Muslim.)

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      1. Thank you for your reply. It is an interesting topic of discussion. Is there a difference between religion and self expression? Meaning, if people’s religion is their deepest well they pull from which to express themselves, are they essentially the same thing? Granted, if someone is not religious, than their self expression would perhaps come from…well…who they are as being unattached to a particular belief.


      2. Italian humanism more or less allowed a growing secularisation of the arts, the very thing Girolamo Savonarola eventually condemned leading to the Bonfire of the Vanities.


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