Reevaluating the Valdres Prediction

Like I said somebody in Norway predicted or prophesised what’ll happen next. According to her, entertainment will increasingly include a lot of gore, smut and murder. There are stuff like that now, moreso if you include growing accessibility to stuff like 120 Days of Sodom and zoosadism (crush porn anybody?). There’s always stuff like shock sites. That and Deviantart’s full of those kinds of things too. There’s a reason why Rule 34 exists especially online.

She also predicted that homosexuality would be normalised and now it already is to varying degrees, which adds weight to suspicions of ‘homosexual agenda’ being added to the media and the like. Stuff like Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate used to provoke everybody with having homosexual couples raising children. It still does if you count the inclusion of a homosexual couple on programmes like Loud House and Doctor McStuffins.

(Though that’s arguably increasingly praised.)

She also mentioned churches being invaded by more secular things and fast forward to the dark future, many churches have been turned into secular ones. That and immigrants being mistreated as always, which came true. A lot of the stuff she’s talking about actually came true and alarmingly so.


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