When anime dies: China and India

Or the unstoppable duo that’s regaining their major economic powers in years. Like I said, anime could easily die out due to rapid immense competition from many countries. America and other Western countries are beginning to catch up quickly in adult animation if the likes of Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman and any of DC’s animated productions are any indication. Conversely speaking, African countries are catching up a lot in animation.

Even moreso if you count flash animations and somebody in Uganda planned to make a Mickey Mouse out of its own franchise. That’s frighteningly possible given their economies are growing quickly enough to warrant supporting their own animation industries. Something their governments are already doing. But I suspect the biggest blow to Japan as the leading non-Western animation hub would come from both China and India. Their economies are growing real quickly but keep in mind that they were both world powers before.

Both of them had expensive empires and trade with other countries so much so that they even have substantial communities in Southeast Asia. Since Japan also uses Chinese writing and wore modified Han-era clothing (that is before China adopted Manchurian and Mongolian fashion due to Manchurian conquest), it can be argued that Japan itself was a Chinese colony as is Korea.

They’re regaining their powers and could easily resume what they did before, albeit coming to dominate even animation* at least so far within Asia itself and Japan might not stand a chance in the long run.

*Let’s not forget that Animax didn’t last long in India but that India at this point has a substantial enough animation industry to support popular programmes like Motu Patlu, which is saying.

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