Webcomics as the future

There are have been sources suggesting that webcomics are the comic industry’s true future. It’s already picking up steam in South Korea and may already be spreading a lot. DC Comics and to some extent, Marvel do webcomics themselves. It would however take some revolution for all comics publishers to seriously consider and publish webcomics for good. That would mean they’d not only beat the pirates at that but also revolutionise how they approach productions.

As webcomics are for free, they’d have to find new ways to make money. Not just through print sales (albeit with paper made from elephant and bovine faeces, that’s for real at this point) but also by turning live action and animated productions into nothing more than glorified trailers and infomercials. The latter by then becomes the research and development division for more lucrative products like video games and webcomics.

Caitlin Snow could become a werewolf on The Flash programme and have it popularised not just through memes but also canonically in comics for good. That could be a frighteningly good starting point for a potential DC reboot, albeit one that has the company do webcomics for good as the only way to get new readers in the 2020s. If it does happen, DC would’ve wisened up realising doing ‘event’ comics isn’t working at all.

Same goes for Marvel when you think about it.


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