She’s got to be stronger

Shawn James has been writing about Supergirl. Admittedly I did have my suspicions of it before but lately him complaining about Supergirl being stronger than Superman sounds sexist. The idea of Supergirl being stronger than Superman has already been contemplated before. Especially in some of the newer stories where she’s said to have been trained on Krypton and since she arrived on Earth later (but appeared younger due to suspended reanimation), she would’ve been more used to bearing heavier loads than Superman does.

This is analogous to how a human female, who’s subjected to substantial amounts of physical exercise (though to whatever degree depending on whether if she has the time for it), would gain muscle more easily than a man who doesn’t even exercise much. This may not always be the case but substantially so in the former’s favour.

In real life, there are cases where women could be as strong as men are (or sometimes even stronger) especially in circumstances where they have to bear a lot of load especially when there was no fancy equipment around let alone affording one especially in some places where people still farm by hand. Even some household chores like getting the laundry to dry require upper body strength especially when one has to deliver it upstairs. That and lifting groceries.

They could be threatened by a stronger female and would do anything to weaken her even if some situations (especially before the industrial revolution) where it requires women especially of lower classes to be as physically powerful as their male counterparts are. Elevators and escalators were invented very recently so people would do a lot of climbing and walking (horses were out of reach).

Women could be weaker but be about as strong as men when the situation calls for it. Though that could be me having dancing experience, walking around, climbing and lifting stuff so.

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