Battle of the Sexes

I suspect if anime were to die soon, it could deepen an existing gender divide of sorts. Anime‘s already noted as being attractive to those in the Alt-Right, which is more often than not sexist and racist. Fandoms where ‘SJWs’ predominate tend to be something like young adult novels, politically correct media (though that’s understandable) and well almost anything straight male geeks will not go to.

Anime’s death could have various female fans (a substantial number of them likely already alienated by pre-existing sexism) flock to bigger industries instead. Genre fiction’s not any less sexist and pornographic but those with the most number of female readers are well…romance, young adult and crime fiction. Within a decade, these will effectively the market for ‘yaoi’ comics and anime.

It’s not that ‘yaoi’ entirely disappeared but that you’re more likely to find LGBT protagonists in crime fiction from now on. The super-sexist, homophobic half’s more likely to cling onto ‘moe’ Chinese animations as I think China will effectively replace Japan as the main East Asian animation hub and join Korea in there.

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