Sexism specifically aimed at black women and keep in mind that feminism’s grown more aware of the struggles that nonwhite people face in recent memory. So much so that intersectionality became a thing. But while a good number of those at the Negromanosphere think black women are alike, keep in mind that there are some differences that shouldn’t be ignored.

In many African countries, not too many women complete their education for whatever reason. That’s the opposite with what’s happening to African American women where they’re disproportionately more educated than their male counterparts are. That and the former have a stronger sense of self-identity and belonging.

So while both groups face discrimination, the circumstances can and will differ. As expected, many African countries are third world and much more sexist than America (where most African Americans are born and live in) will ever be in some regards. When it comes to women not having enough education, for those in the black manosphere Africans do (or rather should) have it better.

I haven’t met a lot of black women personally but from my knowledge and understanding of African countries, they’re still fraught with the same sexism some manosphere types advocate.

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