Something about Caitlin

I think Caitlin Snow turning out to be an intersex werewolf on the Flash, especially if the new shapeshifting power came from being fused with a female wolf that does, could have profound effects on fiction as well as her subsequent presentation and reception. Consider confluences such as Marvel Comics and if you will, Killing Bites.

DC may have the first female werewolf in House of Mystery but Marvel has the first recurring female STEM character turned animal (Tigra) and the first recurring female werewolf in Rahne Sinclair. Tigra was even going to be a werewolf which in a way underscores what’ll become of Caitlin Snow.

Then you add in Killing Bites, which is fairly popular among some anime circles and has animal girls but one that goes beyond the usual ear and tail combination. In fact, not only some develop paws and actual fur but also snouts. There’s even a dog girl!

I guess if any of these happened at the same time frame (2018-2019), we’d see not only a growing tolerance for slightly furrier women (Killing Bites and Caitlin being reinvented as a werewolf) but also a more consistently beastly looking Tigra.

Whether or not Tigra’s furry’s up to anybody’s guess but more bestial renditions do intermittently exist, starting with Giant Size Monsters (I guess they got rid of the cat ears as it made her seem too furry for their tastes) as well as a West Coast Avengers storyline (and Marvel Mangaverse too).

Such confluences would be enough to not only allow Caitlin to be reinvented as a werewolf but also a more consistently bestial looking Tigra. That and a trend of geek girls gone wild.

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