Snowbarry is hairy

I think in making Caitlin Snow an intersex werewolf (ice powers related to Androgen Insensitivity, the shapeshifting part from being fused with a female wolf), the fanmade pairing Snowbarry becomes a thing in the form of a weird love triangle with Caitlin using her newfound shapeshifting powers to impersonate Iris West (and logically Captain Cold after killing him).

A number of fans consider Caitlin Snow to be the real Iris West (at least in relation to her comics portrayal being white) but her impersonating Iris West in the Flash programme would turn this on its head, in a way. In these storylines, Caitlin becomes jealous of Iris’s ability to give birth and menstruate and now being a shapeshifter, she impersonates Iris to gain Barry’s affection and attention.

That is until the real Iris West shows up, which makes matters worse. Yet this storyline confirms fans’ suspicions of both Iris West and Caitlin Snow. With werewolf Caitlin impersonating the always human Iris in seducing Barry Allen, that validates fans’ beliefs. In making Caitlin Snow an intersex werewolf, Snowbarry will eventually be realised in the form of a love triangle.

Albeit ironically so.

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