Kind of like India’s version of OPM (Philippine pop music) except in this context as India’s famous for Bollywood (you know, mandatory song and dance numbers in every film), it specifically refers to pop songs independent of being used in films. Not that musicals are nonexistent in the Philippines but I suspect it rarely happens and that if there are any pop songs used as soundtrack, it generally doesn’t occur much in every scene and used more often in credits (though I could be wrong, since I don’t watch much movies anymore).

OPM isn’t any better (sometimes taking cues from US counterparts but most of the OPM I’ve listened to/heard tend to be more consistently sentimental and nicer sounding to boot) but at least it permits musicians to make commercial, arguably manufactured songs without needing to be tied to movies. Conversely speaking, Indipop is still around in some form or another but according to the sources I’ve read they take a backseat to Bollywood songs. Indipop pretty much peaked in the 1990s.

Often coinciding with technologies at the time especially with relation to albums but I’d argue that India doesn’t seem to support that type of pop music anymore. Some blame it on Bollywood (which stole the more talented individuals) and remixes and stuff. Not that many of them have any staying power and Daler Mehndi’s internationally famous. Some of those Indipop singers still have solo careers (moreso depending on language and region).

But alas they pale in comparison to their 1990s heyday.

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