Having a wife or two

Keep in mind that not all Muslims endorse and/or practise polygamy (some communities like Alevis and Berbers prioritise monogamy). In fact, the Berbers and Minangkabau people are one of the more matrilineal and matrifocal Muslim communities as far as I recall reading. That Sufism initially practised celibacy at some point or another (Alevis and Sufis also seemingly have more Christian like traits, albeit in the organised religion sense of the word).

I even read somewhere that Tunisia was one of those countries that revolutionised and shaped monogamy in Islam for centuries. This specifically has something to do with a dowry. That may or may not still be the case but like I said, not all Muslim communities endorse communities. Some like the Berbers discourage polygamy where I remember reading somewhere at Persee.fr that a man can’t have more than one wife.


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