Arguing and misunderstanding

I often wound up getting into arguments whenever I become outspoken with my feelings. You see I often got scolded before for throwing tantrums and complaining/rambling is one of my tactics of trying to express my feelings without throwing a fit (methinks my emotion issues may have something to do with being spanked a lot before).

I tried many other things like telling stories and teasing but it’s not so much that they don’t work but that the people around me seem confounded. It’s like if I honestly tell them about how I feel about others, they’d counteract often out of respect. That’s understandable especially if it’s with family members because you’re not supposed to talk crap even if you know they mistreated you before.

Or sometimes they’d keep me secluded if I start rambling and arguing, often to try to minimise the situation though in my case it sometimes worsens it. Arguing is bad but not when the person who’s whining is trying not to throw a fit. (I argued with somebody over pets before, rambling a lot and stuff but I did understand and now generally tolerate him because he tells me about his troubles.)

If not complaining, then trying to understand their motivations but even if I tell them what I learnt they’d still counteract. Again I think it’s out of respect to others but not when they mistreat me in some manner. (Like I said, I’ve come to tolerate that person despite our arguments because he too gets angry whenever his father teases him a lot, I tell him that’s what somebody else did to me before.)


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