No other substitute in DCU

I suspect that recreating the Divine Comedy using other DC franchises wouldn’t work out so well. One would suggest that recreating the Divine Comedy using Robin character could work…however in theory. The point is that though Tim Drake has had a long enough magazine run but the only breakout character his series ever begat was Stephanie Brown and his adventures (based on what I’ve read) are generally forgettable.

Barry Allen has some forgettable moments and stories but then again several of his stories have been adapted for other media and that he already has a large number of unforgettable villains and supporting characters alike to make it easier to recreate The Divine Comedy with. I could go on saying that a storyline where a character’s relative has been killed by a doppelganger to motivate the former (and trying to undo it) is repetitive especially in the Flash.

But alongside stuff like Trials of the Flash and begetting spin-offs like Wally West and Bart Allen, Barry Allen’s Flash is memorable enough to have a substantial influence on the Flash franchise. Substantial enough to be used as raw material to recreate The Divine Comedy with. Batman, with its Alice in Wonderland references could be used recreate Alice in Wonderland proper instead.

I barely read comics but keep in mind that The Flash comics from Barry Allen onwards is the chief inspiration for subsequent Flash adaptations and the characters are similar enough to not only be comparable to the Divine Comedy but also to recreate the latter with the former so well that the Flash could be the best place to reconstruct the Comedy with.

Virtually almost no other franchise in the DCU can be used to recreate the Comedy with, let alone successfully so. Golden Glider and The Top can be easily used to replace Francesca and Paolo. Not so much with whatever supporting or villainous characters ‘Robin’ has as there are no proper analogues there to begin with.

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