No other franchise

As to why I think it’ll be relatively easy to reconstruct the Divine Comedy using the Flash is because of the many similarities they can, made easier when modified to fit everything better together. One could replicate certain scenes of the Inferno/Hell section using characters like Hawkgirl (harpies), Power Girl (Geryon), Heatwave (Farinata degli Uberti), Golden Glider and Top (Francesca and Paolo), Caitlin Snow (she-wolf/Count Ugolino) and Captain Cold (Archbishop Ruggieri) and they’ll turn out similarly.

Then you have Barry Allen replacing Dante Alighieri, Jay Garrick for Virgil and Iris West for Beatrice (who or whatever the latter represents) and it shows how easy it is to reverse-engineer the Comedy using Flash characters. Not only that, you also have a new context into the roles they’ve come to replace their Divine Comedy counterparts with.

By having Iris West become Beatrice and that she’s shown to be a sister figure of sorts to Barry, it makes one wonder if the Beatrice character’s actually based on Dante’s daughter (Sister Beatrice) instead. It would be much harder to replicate the Comedy with any other DC franchise, let alone seamlessly so like you do with The Flash. That and other things so.

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