That’s so 70s of you Raven

Like I said before, Raven is a DC comics character often considered to be Goth at least nowadays compared to her initial inception in the 80s where she’s supposed to be repressed and conflicted due to her upbringing.

Unsurprisingly she was also drawn to be more modestly drawn and somewhere at a CBR thread, it’s parsimonious that they went with the Goth aesthetic as it seemed more interesting than if she stuck with long skirts like she did in the 80s and early 90s.

If she had been created in the early 70s, she would’ve been more hippie-ish which says a lot about her being a byproduct of the times in the 80s where you have satanic panic and stuff. I guess with her original Marv Wolfman now writing her, she could be back to where she’s before.

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