A lack of God

I remember writing this post about how one person’s loss lead him closer to God, which I literally linked this one to idolatry. (That’s something I’ve been through and come to realise.) A similar poster at Worthy Christian Forums said similar things. He admits to having a dog and showing some affection for it. However he also said that dogs are just (nonhuman) animals and shouldn’t come first before more important matters like God.

That those who do like this things a lot lack God in their lives so they turn their affections somewhere else. I’ve been through it and a lot of it is disappointing, possibly God’s way of saying that I should devote myself to God above these. Or that they’re not good for me to begin with. But it’s kind of neat to suggest that this person’s loss of something it found near and dear is linked to idolatry.

He was suspicious of God whilst being very into dogs before. God doesn’t want other gods or things before him so it seemed inevitable a tragedy had to occur to bring him closer. I could relate to it but won’t go into detail. Nonetheless it’s very telling.

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