Variations in beliefs

Like I noted before, the belief in witchcraft animals seems to vary between places and times. There were two French books on medieval witchcraft hinting at the Devil turning into a dog as well as dogs being linked to wizards. Feline witchcraft seems to be more common in Northern France, especially the Northeast.

Going south, save for the Southeast I think, there’s also more room for canine witchcraft and demonology. Could be wrong about that but it does indicate that dogs could’ve been more commonly associated with witchcraft than previously thought. Though it could depend on the cases being mentioned depending on the area.

This parallels the beliefs of some tribes in some locales in places like Cameroon and Ghana. In Cameroon, as in France, there’s considerable variation in the belief of witch animals. The Kapsiki and Mkako believe in feline witchcraft but the Fang, Wuli and people in Bamenda have room for canine witchcraft.

It also depends on the time as both Renaissance France and England would’ve taken canine witchcraft more seriously than their 19th century counterparts do.

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