Regionality of beliefs

In France, as in its colony Cameroon the belief in which animals are linked with witchcraft tends to vary between places and/or locales though there could be a consensus. Feline witchcraft seems to be more of a thing in Northeastern France as well as a few other places (I’m wrong about it).

Jean Bodin, though born in Toulouse, came to spend his time in Paris which is next to the Northeastern Region collected many of his findings over there. Second comes canine witchcraft which seems more common in the South and to some extent, the Northwest if the works of Henry Bouget (from Burgundy) and Pierre de Laincre (from Bordeaux) are any indication. Could still be wrong though.

Keep in mind that an early version of the book ‘Infernal Dictionary’ described dogs as ‘ordinarily the companions of sorcerers and magicians’ from what I remember, possibly hinting at that the belief in canine witchcraft was more common than previously thought.

The same can be said of an earlier French work on medieval witchcraft with the Devil commonly though to appear as a dog. I could still be wrong but it could be said that dogs were either equal or second to cats in witchcraft depending on the region.




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