In absence of wolves

Like I said, werewolves (and wolves) weren’t nonexistent in the British Isles during the early modern period but were increasingly so rare that dogs have to fill in for witchcraft accusations. There is some mention of wolves linked with witchcraft in the British Isles but again it’s mostly occupied by dogs. There’s also a wealth of black dog lore instead.

Not that dog witchcraft is nonexistent in France but it could’ve been highly regional, being more commonplace elsewhere especially Western whilst feline witchcraft seems to be mostly Eastern. That’s based on what I get from reading whereas in England canine witchcraft evidently shaped contemporary black dog lore.

Conversely speaking, France does has black or ghost dog lore but it’s nowhere as abundant as in the British Isles. France has substantial werewolf lore instead. Wolves were still more abundant there, substantial enough to inspire insidious lore in the same way dogs do in Britain.

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