Further addendum

As noted by other people, dogs in the Bible were mostly half-wild but more precisely they tended to be kept outdoors more especially for guarding premises and hunting but that also makes them wander more if given the opportunity. Even today there are more owned dogs out there that stay outside longer and more often than most people think.

Mind you the degree of canine socialisation to humans varies but is far more extensively studied in Russia which documents a spectrum of stray dog behaviours and niches. You have conditionally domesticated dogs which represent the majority of owned dogs around, then you get dogs that are progressively un-socialised to humans but still find ways of manipulating the latter.

The last being the least socialised and most wolflike. These dogs would’ve been an awful lot like the ones in the Bible and that stray dogs are capable of forming their own packs. It seems the dogs’ wolflike nature and especially stray dogs has been dismissed by many even if that’s what Biblical writers knew all along if taken into context.

Russian stray dog studies give far better insight to what dogs were like en masse in Biblical times and there’re still feral dogs in Israel though who knows if they’re taken that as seriously as they are in Russia.

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