Chinese anime?

The Chinese animation industry’s growing rapidly, moreso if you count online animations and that there are already Chinese productions (or at least co-productions) that ape the Japanese anime aesthetic but then again so do many Chinese cartoonists and fanartists helped by the fact that both Japan and China use Chinese characters so that makes the transition smoother and easier.

China could play an even bigger role in the animation industry serving as Japan’s immediate successor should Japanese anime ever dwindle in number. Several Japanese professionals already lament about the industry’s precarious situation and others could join in. Hideaki Anno even found the Taiwanese animation industry more vibrant from his experience than his home country’s.

If not Taiwan or China, then surprisingly places like Kenya and South Africa would. Kenya in particular has a declining fertility rate and rising economy, having advanced handsomely enough to support such an industry though it’s Nigeria that’s also doing similarly. China could be an animation leader in the East whilst Nigeria and South Africa do well for Africa and so on.

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